• 1. Sektion 1 (31:13)
  • 2. Sektion 2 (21:16)

Sektion 1-2

Bertrand Denzler - saxophone
Joel Grip - double bass
Sven-Åke Johansson - drums

Sektion 1-2 is an extravagant LP-production which depicts the new musical thoughts and craftsmanships of three musician
identities who couldn’t be further apart (or better distributed) in age. Together they work on the form. The result is a radical
suspended shape of instrumental interplay, exploring unbound rhythms, structures, and harmonies.

Even though Neuköllner Modelle draws attention to Free Jazz (a genre of which Johansson became one of the european pioneers), their methods embosses conscious focus on current tensions. Johansson has called this music Constructive Free Jazz, or also: Non-Expressive Free Jazz.

Grip, Denzler and Johansson, respectively in their early thirties, early fities and early seventies, found each other through
the intertwining scenes between Paris and Berlin. When taking a look at their previous musical activities you will get an exquisite account of the contemporary history of experimental improvised musics (yes, plural!) in Europe. It is a dense heritage in service of forming a new model for a creative process.

Emerged through the questioning of methods, Neuköllner Modelle combine bipolar procedures in creating something which could be likened with a retarding ballad of the insistent up-tempo murmur accelerating in the backdrop-world of today.
This LP release – Sektion 1-2 – will be followed up by a double CD release – Sektion 3-7 [umcd2627] (to be released end of
2016) – where the trio Neuköllner Modelle is joined by pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach.

Album label: 
Release date: 
06.11 / 2016
Recording date: 
01.11 / 2015
Recording location: 
Sowieso, Berlin, November 2015

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