• 1. Vertigo (43:56)


In contrast to the sustained improvisations that are their live performances, The Necks' studio albums take shape by way of intricate crafting brought to bear throughout the entire recording and mixing process.

Maintaining a teetering tension between suspension and collapse, VERTIGO draws on a diverse palette of sounds created in the studio - everything from homemade instruments, extended instrumental techniques and marathon explorations of sonic textures.

Album label: 
Release date: 
18.09 / 2015
Recording date: 
13.03 / 2015
Recording location: 
Recorded and mixed at Studios 301, Sydney. Mastered at micro-moose-berlin, Berlin.
Artwork design : Tim Kliendienst
Artwork design : Anthony S Buck
Mastering engineer : Doug Henderson
Mixing engineer : Tim Whitten
Producer : The Necks
Recording engineer : Tim Whitten

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