Piano Bass Drums //

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Release date: 
Recording location: 
Recorded live at The Basement Sydney. Mixed at Studios 301, Sydney. Mastered at Sony Music, Huntingwood, Sydney.
Recording date: 
Wednesday, September 25, 1996
The audience, Chris Richards, Bruce Viles and the staff at the Basement: Michael Snelling; Martin Jackson; Glenn Wright; Bettina Stone; and Mick at Billy Hyde's Drumcraft
Artwork : 
Emma Walker (painting)
Artwork : 
Julia Biddle (design)
Artwork : 
Arunas (photography)
Mastering engineer: 
Daniel Segal
Mixing engineer: 
Peter Cobbin
The Necks
Recording engineer: 
Chris Peken
  • 1. Unheard (53:22)

Piano Bass Drums was the first live release from the band; a set recorded at the legendary Sydney club, The Basement, on their September tour of Australia in 1996. Like many of their releases, Piano Bass Drums consists of only the one track, Unheard.

The Necks in concert is a different proposition to The Necks in the studio; slowly building crescendos provide for a huge dynamic and emotional range as the group explores the various reverberant properties of the concert space. The only instruments used, as implied by the title, are acoustic piano, acoustic bass and acoustic drums - with no overdubbing.

Although recorded almost ten years after the formation of the group, Unheard is representative of an earlier live methodology in the group’s evolution, which featured the use of recognisable rhythmic “feels” and melodies.

The album was nominated for Jazz Recording Of The Year, ABC Classic FM Awards, and has been out-of-print in CD form for some years.