• 1. Garl's (07:19)
  • 2. Nice Policeman Nasty Policeman (04:58)
  • 3. Pele (28:33)
  • 4. Next (09:49)
  • 5. Jazz Cancer (06:16)
  • 6. The World at War (16:35)


Although Next is officially the group's second release, tracks 1 and 3 (Garl's and Pele) are infact the first studio recordings the Necks ever made. In contrast to the single track form of Sex (their first album), Next contains 6 tracks - some of which see the band augmented by various guests namely; Dave Brewer on guitar; Michel Rose on pedal steel; Mike Bukovsky on trumpet; and Timothy Hopkins on saxophone.
The album's tracks are varied in style with elegant minimalism sitting alongside Eno-esque programming and sombre orchestration.

"Sublime. Six pieces, all of them beautifully played and perfectly controlled"
–Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

Album label: 
Release date: 
12.09 / 1990
Recording date: 
16.07 / 1988
Recording location: 
Recorded at various studios in July 1988 and June 1990. Mixed at Studios 301, Sydney. Mastered at Studios 301, Sydney
Artwork design : Michael Bell
Artwork design : Paul McNeil
Mastering engineer : Don Bartley
Mixing engineer : Gerry Nixon
Producer : The Necks and Gerry Nixon
Recording engineer : Lana Lazareff
Recording engineer : Robert Scott

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