Mindset //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Recorded at Megaphon Studios, NSW. Mixed at Studios 301, NSW. Mastered at micro-moose, Berlin.
Recording date: 
Saturday, January 1, 2011
Artwork design: 
Asi Föcker
Mastering engineer: 
Doug Henderson
Mixing engineer: 
Tim Whitten
The Necks
Recording engineer: 
Tim Whitten
  • 1. Rum Jungle (21:48)
  • 2. Daylights (21:36)

Mindset, the Necks' sixteenth album - and first LP, features two starkly contrasting tracks: the pulsating, raw, Rum Jungle and the slower building, rather hypnotic Daylights.

Polyrhythms imbue both pieces with powerful forward motion, embroiled with ethereal piano patterns which interweave with bass, drums, electronics, churning Hammonds and noise-guitars.

Mindset shares some elements in common with our previous album Silverwater, mostly in some mixing approaches and rhythmic devices - a reflection of the band's ongoing fascination with polymetric material and varying simultaneous pulses - but it's a whole other thing again, and the two tracks are very different from one another -Rum Jungle captures the live approach of the piano, bass, and drum trio a lot more, while Daylights features a bed of electronics and little sounds that slowly converge, coalescing into a multi-layered, multi-tempo, swirling soundscape.