• 1. Hanging Gardens (01:00:30)

Hanging Gardens

The most up-tempo Necks release. Ultra-fast cymbal work, multi-dimensional drum feels, swirling Hammond organ, mesmerising bass, onieric rhodes and big piano riffs, combine to make this one of the Necks most formidable releases.

"Mesmerising, grandiose music from one of the best bands on the planet"
–The Guardian (UK)

Album label: 
Release date: 
03.05 / 1999
Recording date: 
10.01 / 1999
Recording location: 
Recorded at Electric Avenue in September 1996. Additional recording at Electric Avenue in January 1999. Mixed at Studios 301. Mastered at Sony Music, Huntingwood.
Artwork design : Marisa Purcell
Artwork design : Tim Kliendienst
Mastering engineer : Albert Zychowski
Mixing engineer : Peter Cobbin
Producer : The Necks
Recording engineer : Adam Chapman
Recording engineer : Anton Hagop

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