Ephimeral //

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Friday, January 1, 2016
  • 1. RIO DE CRISTAL (04:23)
  • 2. TROPISMOS (01:38)
  • 3. EL REINO AZUL (03:19)
  • 4. CONTORNOS (02:03)
  • 5. SOL DE PLOMO Y PURPURA (07:22)
  • 6. FRAGMENTOS DE TI (08:32)
  • 7. PÁLIDA Y MÓVIL, SOMBRA (01:12)
  • 8. MUSGO (02:22)
  • 9. DE UN PAIS DE HIERRO (08:47)
  • 10. ALLÁ LEJOS (02:19)

SOFA is proud to have discovered a great jewel in Spanish music. The Madrid based soundartist and composer Miguel Angel Tolosa has during the last five years become a special member of the SOFA family, having contributed on several SOFA albums both as an artist and as a recording and mastering engineer. Now, on "Ephimeral" we hear him all alone. Tolosa says about his music that it's not meant to convey extramusical contents, such as philosophical or religious ideas, political propaganda or advertisement; the object of his music is the experience of time through listening with an additional, subtle emotional element. Music as time made audible, music as beauty made to sound.