• 1. CELLO SOLO 1: PINCH (09:58)
  • 2. DANCE TWO: RHAPSODY (02:52)
  • 3. PLAY TIME (03:16)
  • 4. STRETCH (01:38)
  • 5. BASS TIME FOR MAX (00:59)
  • 7. OTHER FINGERS (02:59)
  • 8. CELLO SOLO 2: BEGINNINGS (07:52)
  • 9. MICHALA DANCE (03:50)
  • 10. BASS SUITE No 1: FINGERS (11:52)
  • 11. BEAUVAIS CATHEDRAL (04:22)
  • 12. THUMPS (05:05)
  • 13. STEPS (07:11)
  • 14. TARRAGONA (08:00)

Beauvais Cathedral


1 CELLO SOLO 1: PINCH 9:55 " a study of the use of dynamics and rhythm to produce the feeling of more than one player".
2 DANCE TWO: RHAPSODY 2:50 double bass & 2 cellos.
3 PLAY TIME 3:14 duet for radio and cello "for Steve Lacy".
4 STRETCH 1:38 melodica, two cellos & double bass " another way of saying YES".
5 BASS TIME FOR MAX 0:57 double bass solo.
6 CHATEAU DE MAIGNELAY 3:58 double bass & 2 cellos (PHILLIP POCHON second cello).
7 OTHER FINGERS 2:56 double bass solo.
8 CELLO SOLO 2: BEGINNINGS 7:49 " to Michael Smith".
9 MICHALA DANCE 3:47 double bass, flute, melodica & cello (MICHALA MARCUS flute) " for Michala the Dancer".
10 BASS SUITE No 1: FINGERS 11:49 double bass solo.
11 BEAUVAIS CATHEDRAL 4:18 radio, piano strings, double bass & 5 cellos (no electronics except for the radio) " to a musical tradition".
12 THUMPS 5:02 cello & piano (RICHARD MARECHIN piano).
13 STEPS 7:09 2 violins, viola & cello " a very loose composition performed by four Kent Carters - the Maignelay String Quartet".
14 TARRAGONA 8:00 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass & drum kit (CARLOS ZINGARO first violin) " a commissioned piece for a dancer and painter first performed in an art gallery in Tarragona.

KENT CARTER's highly-acclaimed first solo album. As well as some solo cello and double bass improvisations, there are some collages in which he plays nearly all the parts himself courtesy of over-dubbing techniques. Carter had previously been heard with the groups of Paul Bley and Steve Lacy (among others), but such work did not prepare one for the unique music heard in this collection.

Excerpts from sleeve notes:
I first met Kent Carter when he came to London with Steve Lacy in 1973, and was immediately impressed by his powerful and profound playing. He often visited London during the next couple of years playing a variety of gigs, such as a month with Amalgam in a London revival of the play "The Connection", and another month providing the solo musical accompaniment for a stand-up comedian. In between times, he returned to France to work with Lacy and quietly work on his own music.
On a subsequent visit that I made to Paris, he asked me to visit his apartment in the Chateau de Maignelay near Beauvais, some distance to the north of the French capital. It was then that I first heard some of the music on this CD - an experience that hearing him in other contexts had not prepared me for. On his next visit to London, we spent many hours editing his solo recordings, and mixing some of the mono recordings into stereo collages. If only digital recording had been available then - it would have been so much easier!

Carter didn't yet have access to first class recording equipment, and my mixing facilities left a lot to be desired, so these recordings are not state of the art. However, they have been cleaned up digitally for this release, so that this magnificent and imaginative music can be heard anew. Hopefully you will now share the excitement I had when I first heard this music - an excitement that I continue to have even though I now know this music like the back of my hand.

Album label: 
Release date: 
01.01 / 2001
Recording date: 
06.01 / 1974
Recording location: 
Chateau de Maignelay near Paris 1974-5
Artwork design : Christian Fauchard
Mastering engineer : Martin Davidson
Mixing engineer : Martin Davidson & Kent Carter
Producer : Kent Carter
Recording engineer : Daniel Deshay & Kent Carter

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