• 1. JAMBRIDGE (16:36)
  • 2. BACK SEAT WITCH (13:04)
  • 3. TRUCKINGE (16:24)
  • 4. PSIOTIC (06:26)
  • 5. BYE (02:13)
  • 6. MOPOMOSO 2002 (16:21)

From Next to Last


Acoustic Guitar – John Russell

For his second solo album - the first was recorded in 1978 - Russell concentrates exclusively on acoustic guitar improvisations. Recorded both in private and in concert. 71 minutes.

Excerpts from sleeve notes:
John Russell first appeared on the London improvising scene in the early 1970s as a teenage would-be rock musician, with a solid guitar whose amplifier had a habit of picking up the radio. Since around 1977, he has concentrated exclusively on acoustic guitars. Over the years, he has performed in duo with several musicians - John Butcher, Stephan Keune, Phil Minton, Evan Parker, Roger Smith, Gina Southgate and Roger Turner - and in too many larger groups to be mentioned here. The monthly Mopomoso concerts that he has organised (with, until recently, Chris Burn) are perhaps the longest running series on the London improvising scene.
The first published example of Russell's solo guitar improvisations was recorded in 1978. FROM NEXT TO LAST is the second published example of Russell's solo guitar improvisations.

He brought three guitars and sat and played in my lounge for a couple of hours. Two guitars were actually used (without overdubbing) on Psiotic, but otherwise he just used one guitar at a time. The first five tracks on this CD are his choice from this relaxed session (not quite in the order of performance).

A few weeks later, one of the groups booked to play at the monthly Mopomoso concert had to cancel at the last minute, so he decided to bridge the gap with a solo performance. Thanks to the omnipresent Tim Fletcher, this fine solo can be heard complete as Mopomoso 2002.


Album label: 
Release date: 
01.07 / 2002
Recording date: 
18.12 / 2001
Recording location: 
London 1-5 home - 6 Red Rose (17/02/2002)
Artwork design : Martin Davidson
Mastering engineer : Martin Davidson
Producer : John Russell / Martin Davidson
Recording engineer : Martin Davidson / Tim Fletcher

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