These six //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording date: 
Tuesday, June 3, 2003
Artwork design: 
Stoffer Ganes
Recording engineer: 
Audun Strype
  • 1. Spor 01 (08:48)
  • 2. Spor 02 (10:54)
  • 3. Spor 03 (14:31)
  • 4. Spor 04 (04:10)
  • 5. Spor 05 (08:29)
  • 6. Spor 06 (03:17)

«These Six» is six improvised pieces of acoustic music performed by the young Norwegian musicians Ivar Grydeland and Tonny Kluften, and the German pioneer Paul Lovens. Grydeland plays acoustic guitar and fake-banjo, Kluften plays double bass and Lovens plays what he describes as «selected and unselected drums and percussion».

The music is dynamic and contrasted. Some pieces are longer and more extensive while others are shorter with tonal and rhythmical strictness. The CD was recorded in June 2003 by Audun Strype.


«Blikket er vendt innover mot et punkt som ligger utenfor den enkelte musikers rekkevidde.»

Arild Andersen

«I´ve heard few more convincing Improv records this year.»

Brian Morton

Steve Koenig
«These Six , referring to the number of tracks, reminds me of Japanese gagaku, the ancient ritual court music, not because of gagaku's sonorities (although at time, that too), but rather its spaciousness, its thought out deliberateness, and its improvisatory quality »

Steve Koenig

«Musikken er i besittelse av en kontinuerlig spenning og framdrift.

Tor Hammerø