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M.O.S. is Ingar Zach's second solo release for SOFA, six years after the critically acclaimed «Percussion music».

M.O.S. reveals a large and almost monolithic sound world. Zach's horizontal bassdrum (gran cassa) functions as a gigantic, resonating membrane, where metallic and ceramic percussions create articulations over the bass vibrations in a ritualistic dance of pulses and overtones.

The music moves slowly, but with a continuing drive, and stretches as an arch over 40 minutes. The result is a monumental soundpiece from one of the most interesting percussionists of our time.

Free Jazz
"An incredible listening experience." - stef

Jazz Review
"Zach’s refined musical statements project gobs of depth and mood-evoking undercurrents that spark more than just a few tantalizing propositions." - Glenn Astarita

Bergens Tidende
"Zachs sterke puls, oppfinnsomhet og ører for slitesterke lydkilder gjør dette til en flott utgivelse. "- Stephan Meidell

"Lydbildene Zach er fødselshjelper for likner ikke på noe annet som har vederfaret sanseapparatene våre. Det forteller oss at vi har med en original kunstner å gjøre."
- Tor Hammerø

"Very enjoyable." - Brian Olewnick

Svenska Dagbladet
"bättre än någonsin" - Magnus Nygren

Album label: 
Release date: 
25.10 / 2010
Recording date: 
26.01 / 2009
Recording location: 
Smiling Cow Studio

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