• 1. MANDREL (13:04)
  • 2. SIRENS (08:05)
  • 3. QUANTUM (13:50)
  • 4. INGOT (13:03)
  • 5. RUNES (18:18)


Composed By, Piano – Howard Riley
Double Bass, Bass Guitar – Barry Guy
Percussion, Electronics – Tony Oxley

Graphic scores interpreted by pianist Riley with BARRY GUY on amplified basses and TONY OXLEY on percussion and electronics. Perhaps the best recorded example of this exploratory trio that lasted for about six years. 66 minutes.
Excerpts from sleeve notes:

The Howard Riley Trio of that period was a working band, one of several in that time period that were evolving a distinctly European sound. During its existence in the 1970s, this trio used both open form (i.e., totally improvised) and set-form approaches. This recording concentrates on the latter. The use of graphic frameworks mixed with conventional musical notation, which still allowed freedom for the improvising musician, was something we were all familiar with - Barry with the London Jazz Composers Orchestra, Tony with his Quintets and Sextets - and I devised the enclosed five pieces specifically for the Trio recording. Each piece was completed in one take and no overdubbing was used.
That was the conceptual basis of the music. More importantly, the feeling and interaction within the group is what stays with me, and this recording captures those all-important things with great clarity.

Album label: 
Release date: 
02.01 / 2000
Recording date: 
19.10 / 1973
Recording location: 
Artwork design : David Willaims
Mastering engineer : Martin Davidson
Recording engineer : Margaret Steven & Sheila Fraser

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