• 1. LOOPS (11:38)
  • 2. PAGES (16:14)
  • 3. SPLICED (10:07)
  • 4. RECOGNITION (10:09)
  • 5. OVERGROUND (20:30)


Double Bass, Bass Guitar – Barry Guy
Percussion, Live Electronics – Tony Oxley
Piano – Howard Riley

Graphic scores interpreted by pianist Riley with BARRY GUY on amplified bass and TONY OXLEY on percussion and electronics. Recorded a year or two after SYNOPSIS, these two sessions reveal further developments, ending up with all three musicians using electronics. As well as three trio performances, there is also a Riley/Oxley duet (2), and an overdubbed two-piano piece (4). 68 minutes

Excerpts from sleeve notes:

The music in OVERGROUND was recorded in 1974/75, and has never been issued before. It is a further development of the music on the 1973 trio album SYNOPSIS.

The three trio tracks are by the Howard Riley Trio of that period, with bassist Barry Guy and percussionist Tony Oxley, and show a general evolution to the point where all three of us were using electronically-altered as well as acoustic/amplified sounds in performance. PAGES is just Tony and myself, and is the only time we recorded in duo.

Both the pianos on the two-piano track RECOGNITION were played by myself, a musical situation made possible by the use of over-dubbing in the studio. I had recorded a complete two-piano LP (INTERTWINE ) in this way earlier in 1975, and my motivation in recording this 'extra' piece was two-fold: one, to revisit some of the material I'd used earlier that year, and, two, to use electronically-altered as well as acoustic piano sound.


Album label: 
Release date: 
01.01 / 2001
Recording date: 
01.11 / 1975
Recording location: 
London 1974 (1-2) 1975 (3-5)
Artwork design : Martin Davidson
Mastering engineer : Martin Davidson

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