Microtub //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
studio P4, Berlin
Recording date: 
Friday, January 14, 2011
Mastering technician: 
Jim Denley
Mixing technician: 
Jim Denley
Recording technician: 
Jean Szymczak
  • 1. 32:34 (32:39)


Le son du grisli
"Au terme de la quarantaine promise, ce sont plusieurs soleils noirs qui ont été dessinés sur le presque-même canevas : si l’astre qui en résulte brille, c’est par l’épaisseur de ses contours." - Guillaume Belhomme

Touching Extremes
"On a close listen, you’ll perceive the bubbling-and-hissing activity that no zealot of reductionist EAI wants to miss; however the best effect is achieved, as always in similar cases, by letting the radiations diffuse at average volume in a sort of instantaneous therapy." - Massimo Ricci

Improv Sphere
"Microtub explore un terrain encore inconnu, du moins très méconnu, à savoir le timbre du tuba, mais également les phénomènes acoustiques microtonaux ; une exploration très singulière donc, profonde et extrêmement riche et dense. Recommandé !" -Julien Heraud

Sound of Music
"Det är ett ovanligt smakrikt och doftande långkok med tuba." -Thomas Millroth

"...the fluttering beat patterns and rich, velvety sonorities of Microtub are light years away from the awful farting oompah nightmare most folks might expect in a piece for three tubas. While the central section sounds like the purr of a giant cat, the resemblance to the human voice in the opening and closing sections is striking, despite the musicians' studious avoidance of singing and playing simultaneously." - Dan Warburton

Olewnick Blogspot
"...an amazing depth of twining tones, long-held, resonating, forming fluctuating pulses that buffet the eardrums in delicious fashion." - Brian Olewnick