• 1. OPENING GAMUT (32:10)
  • 2. EXTRACT BEFORE (04:38)
  • 3. EXTRACT AFTER (05:40)
  • 4. CLOSING GAMBIT (15:41)

Scale Points on the Fever Curve


Clarinet [B-flat, E-flat], Keyboard, Drums, Music By – Milo Fine
Guitar [With Pedal Controlled Amplification], Music By – Derek Bailey

The first gig on Milo Fine's extended visit to London found him playing clarinets, drums and electronic keyboard in cohort with Derek Bailey on electric guitar. They first worked together twenty years earlier, but this was the first time they performed as a duo. 58 minutes.

Excerpts from sleeve notes:
Derek Bailey and Milo Fine first corresponded about 30 years ago by what is now known as snail mail. Outside of Minnesota, Fine was then best known as a writer - something he continued to do for the next 25 years - although he was already a prime mover on the Minneapolis free music scene.

Bailey and Fine first actually met and performed together in 1983, when the guitarist was touring North America. An April concert in Minneapolis started off with Bailey solo, followed by the long-standing duo of Fine and Steve Gnitka, concluding with the three playing a trio set.

Fine first visited London in 1988 as a participant in Company Week organised by Bailey, where the two performed with the other participants in various combinations, sometimes in the same grouping, but not as a duo.
Fine's second visit to London (plus Sheffield and Leeds) lasted over six weeks in 2003, and resulted in over a dozen gigs and private sessions with various musicians. His first performance on this visit was the one heard on this CD. It was the first time Bailey and Fine had played as a duo, but since they are both very experienced improvisers, it sounds as though they have been doing it for years.

Four improvisations were performed that evening - two before the interval, and two after. Their order is preserved on the CD. The first and last are heard complete, while only extracts from the second and third have been used.

Album label: 
Release date: 
01.01 / 2004
Recording date: 
26.03 / 2003
Recording location: 
London (Flim Flam)
Artwork design : Gus & Martin Davidson
Mastering engineer : Martin Davidson
Producer : Martin Davidson
Recording engineer : Tim Fletcher

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