Kitaoka //

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Recorded at Phoenix Studios, London
Recording date: 
Wednesday, August 9, 2006
  • 1. Kitaoka 1 (12:36)
  • 2. Kitaoka 2 (09:16)
  • 3. Kitaoka 3 (08:16)
  • 4. Kitaoka 4 (19:13)
  • 5. Kitaoka 5 (16:34)
  • 6. Kitaoka 6 (10:47)

Guitar, Electronics – Gary Smith
Keyboards, Electronics – Pat Thomas
Percussion, Electronics – Trevor Taylor
Piano, Electronics – Roberto Filoseta

The third part in a series by the electro acoustic group Circuit, a group with largely variable personel. Like the other CD’s this music was recorded at Phoenix studio late last year and included the guitarist Gary Smith, the pianist Roberto Filoseta as well as the fantastic keyboardist Pat Thomas and leader/percussionist Trevor Taylor and is influenced by the japanese artist and illusionist Akiyoshi Kitaoka who perhaps serves as a metaphor for some of the musical ideas created by the group. All are experts in the improvisational process as well as being extremely proficient and prodigious in the use of electronics and live modulation, an area of great excitement these days with computer processor speeds fast enough to run extremely complex alogrithms in real time!