• 1. Duck / Midnight Tonight / The Unseen Hand (15:36)
  • 2. Bureaucrats (04:29)
  • 3. Rhythm Three (05:57)
  • 4. Ezilalini / Green (12:02)
  • 5. Mood Indo /Posoc / Song for Biko (05:25)
  • 6. The 100 % Rabbit (09:01)

The 100% Rabbit

Tobias Delius - Tenor Saxophone & Clarinet
Joe Williamson - Bass
Steve Heather - Drums

The name of the trio "BOOKLET" comes from a small book we refer to in our concerts filled with our influences and most beloved songs from composers. We use these songs as springboards for our improvisations, never knowing when they'll come nor when they'll leave.

Tobias Delius has worked in Europe and overseas with such musicians as Steve Lacy (October Meeting ’91), Louis Moholo’s Viva-la-black (South Africa ’93), Bill Frisell, Mark Feldman and Trio Clusone (Clusone Jazz ’93), Misha Mengelberg (“Pollo de Mare”, Angelica ’96 in Bologna), Steve Beresford (“Signals for Tea”, Vancouver ’98), Jeb Bishop, Kent Kessler & Hamid Drake (Chicago 2001) and Ray Anderson (Rotterdam, ’01). Tobias Delius leads his own quartet with Tristan Honsinger (cello), Joe Williamson (double bass) and Han Bennink (drums). The CDs “The Heron” (ICP 033), “Toby’s Mloby” (ICP 034) and “Pelikanismus” (ICP 039) were enthousiastically received both at home and abroad.

Joe Williamson has performed in numerous concerts and festivals as soloist or in diverse ensembles. He worked or recorded with: Ab Baars, Han Bennink, Steve Beresford, Tony Buck, Toby Delius, Andy Ex, Gianni Gebia, Vinny Golia, Tristan Honsinger, Luc Houtcamp, Peggy Lee, Paul Lovens, Evan Parker, Jon Rose, Leonid Soybelman. He plays with Sven-Åke Johansson, Tobias Delius' Quartet, Leonid Soybelman's Kletka Red, Thomas Borgmann's Boom Box and Martin Siewert's Trapist. No question about it, Williams is working a lot, a "typical" bassist: flexible, powerful and virtuosic.

Steve Heather's current music projects/bands vary from avant guard, free jazz to noise, drone rock and prog fitness disco include: STIFF LEATHER, THE STILL, BOOKLET, RAFT, SHELTER, THE CRYING ROOM and THE SPLITTER ORCHESTRA. His music has been described as the breeding ground between progressive landscape gardening, psychic carpentry and a instructional ritual finesse DVD. Steve has worked with Martin Siewert, Toby Delius, Jaap Blonk, Jon Rose, Cor Fuhler, Andy Moor, Axel Dörner, Nate Wooley, Ken Vandermark among others.

Album label: 
Release date: 
01.12 / 2016
Recording date: 
15.12 / 2015
Recording location: 
Artwork design : Isabelle Vigier
Mastering engineer : Martin Siewert
Mixing engineer : Steve Heather
Producer : booklet
Recording engineer : Steve Heather

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