• 1. Swedish Country (08:00)
  • 2. Breakfast Music (08:40)
  • 3. Sliding Doors (10:14)
  • 4. Fireplace (08:45)

Cabin Music

The unique and distinctive woodwind/double bass duo Ballrogg previously released two critically acclaimed records, but on “Cabin Music” we encounter an entirely new version of the band. The most obvious change is that the duo has now become a trio. The new member of the band is guitarist Ivar Grydeland (Huntsville, Dans les Arbres), and he has brought a new sound arsenal, fresh perspectives and new moods to the group. Their palette has been further extended on this new album, with music that evokes the sounds of both guitarist Bill Frisell and the Chicago band Town & Country. The group has maintained its intimate form of expression, but has infused the music with new warmth. Perhaps with the title “Cabin Music”, the band is hinting at the intimate nature of the music.

Album label: 
Release date: 
18.06 / 2012

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