• 1. Samanna (21:02)
  • 2. Maas (05:02)
  • 3. Unity (14:57)
  • 4. Berlin Wall (07:59)


Trevor Watts - alto sax and percussion
Dave Cole - guitar
Colin McKenzie - bass guitar
Pete Cowling - bass guitar
Liam Genockey - drums

Samanna features four original pieces recorded and originally released in 1977, featuring (at the time) the return of former Amalgam members Dave Cole and Pete Cowling. And it is this use of these two bassists that fires this excellent session, which came at a time of great debate around the jazz/rock fusion: ‘is it valid or not?’ critique, of which this album proves it is. The music on this album is a natural culmination of practising and rehearsing together week after week developing the music of which this CD transcends any one style of playing.

Album label: 
Release date: 
11.07 / 2003
Recording date: 
26.01 / 1977
Recording location: 
Riverside Studios, London
Executive producer : Manfred Schlek
Executive producer : Trevor Taylor
Producer : Trevor Watts
Recording engineer : Adam Skeaping

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